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This blog intended to accomplish the following:

  • provide commentary on current events, from a U.S. Navy veteran’s perspective.
  • document my experiences in the Navy for historical purposes
  • share information with others who have had similar experiences

After serving in the navy for 10 years on active duty, I left the navy in 1987 with far less respect for it than I had going in.  My experience became a lesson on how people become corrupted by power, and how the navy excused and covered up negligence and dereliction of duties.  I am not anti-navy.  I would like to see a stronger, better navy as a result of this information.  That is, instead of the weakened, politically correct navy we now have.  Call it tough love.

The navy is a lot like the Catholic Church, and I am a former Catholic, as well.  Especially in the way it handles its problems.  They all think they can sweep scandal under the rug, pay a few people off, and shuffle people around in the hope that problems will go away.  The problems of sexual assaults and harassment, and abuses of power continue to this day.  And the numbers are increasing.  If you become victimized by any of it and come forward with what happened, you will get the whistleblower treatment:  discredited, marginalized, ostracized, denied promotion and retention.  To be successful in today’s navy, you have to become a “see no evil, hear no evil” person that ignores any wrongdoing.  If you are female and attractive in any way, and then harassed or assaulted, you will be judged has having invited the problem.  I firmly believe that if we are going to continue having women serve in the military, more people need to speak out, otherwise more people will suffer abuse and injustice.

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  1. Kenneth I. Elaster says:

    If this is the work of LTJG Collins…, I have not seen or heard from you since your departure from the ship in 1984-5. It is good to know that you are still around after the pandemic.

    I once told you on the bridge, that life is hell, and then you die. Nothing has changed…, nothing.

    You can not change things in a generation, because if we could. Persons of color would not still be in the fight…, fighting for the right to vote in the year 2022. Also, about your case. Wiser persons than us have said it. You can not fight “City Hall”. Because even if you obtain victory in one part of “City Hall”. There is always hell to pay down one of its other hallways.

    Good Luck Collins


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