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I Was a U.S. Navy Whistleblower

Below is a recently published article by Jaqueline Garrick, the president of Whistleblowers of America (WOA). I was recently granted certification by this organization as an advocate for whistleblowers, particularly, for military/DOD employees. This extensive article of 18 pages defines and describes in detail the retaliation techniques used against me by the US Navy. The yellow highlights are mine. Details of my case can be found on my previous posts on this site.

In my lawsuit and previous written complaints, I never referred to myself as a “whistleblower”. I came to believe I was one based on the way I was treated by navy seniors, which was strikingly similar to the descriptions in this study. I never intended to become a whistleblower of any kind. I was forced into it when responding to false allegations made in writing by the commanding officer. That letter was intended to seriously harm my career. My rebuttals opened the door to exposing negligence and derelictions of duty by others, which were then reviewed by the chain of command, those senior to the CO. Prior to the false allegation letter, it was evident that I was being targeted by another woman lieutenant who saw me as a threat that must be eliminated. Thus began a slander campaign against me.

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